Monday, February 12, 2018

Necromunda Freight Hub - Container Loader

In the process of building a Freight Hub table for Necromunda, I realized that - while I have a lot of Munitorium Containers - I don't have anything to load or unload them. Not wanting to spend $50 on a GW loader, I hit up some of the old toys my son used to play with. This is a plastic Erector-style building set where you can build a couple different construction vehicles. I think it's called Caterpillar Max Builder or something like that. Mostly this is straight out of the box with the addition of a skull crane and stack from the Sector Mechanicus kit and a Land Raider engine, as well as some granny grating to cover some of the windows and vehicle walkway. Though a little large, this does work well as a piece of terrain.

As for painting, this won't win any awards. I did the priming and yellow undercoat with spray paints and weathered with acrylics. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Redemptionist Encampment Necromunda Board

We're about 60 days out from Adepticon 2018 and I was finally able to fully complete one entire board. Most of what I've been working on has been used and re-used for the tournaments and events over the past 8-9 years and was pretty beat up and a lot of it was just a mish-mash of random pieces that I'd completed at different times, so they didn't exactly meld together properly when put on the table. As such, I wanted to go back and fix what I could, re-purpose what I couldn't, and combine them all into one coherent table. For this table, I chose a Redemptionist encampment theme. As the crusades pass through various domes and settlements, they'll often stop for a bit, cleanse the area of heresy, and exact some tithing from the locals. I really wanted this to look like a settlement where the Redemption has just recently settled in for what would likely be a few cycles. As such, there's a lot of religious graffiti and iconography but it hasn't become too out of control....yet. I also wanted a strong color theme throughout that evoked the furor of the Redemption, so I went with an orange-red rust color throughout, as well as picking out many pieces for some bright red paint schemes. As many of these pieces are re-purposed, I'll try to link to the older posts so you can see the changes below. 

"Alright, Arch Zealot - show us around the place!"

First are the entrance gate, settlement fence, tithing kiosk, and pilgrimage pulpit. Most of this was simply repainted for the table with some very minor additions. Unfortunately, during a loan to another person, they had lost several of the original pieces.

My (and apparently everyone else's) favorite piece is the Redemptionist Chapel and its "gospel" board. Initially, this had a small side shed and gibbet. The gibbet was re-used on another piece below and I removed the shed in favor of a large Promethium tank. After all, all those flamers require a lot of refills! Other than that, I just did some repainting on this piece.

The "Sin Tank" and weapons store. These were two pieces that had parts swapped between them, initially the store had the water tank but both proved to be very fragile and broke almost completely after last year's events. As such, I lowered the height of the water tower in an attempt to make it more durable and focused the theme of the other structure on weapons sales. The Sin Tank is sort of like a sensory deprivation cell that sinners and heretics can be imprisoned and, if unrepentant, lowered into the sewers below.

The pipe shelters. Really just something I threw together at the VERY last minute in 2013, these pieces did grow on me more as years went on - they're cheap, easy to make, and present a host of opportunities during play. Most of the work on these were expanding the platforms on top and repainting the pipes themselves to give them a more concrete look.

The Yellow Pulpit and ruined Chapel. Really not much new on these besides repainting - the chapel received more highlights to make it pop, whereas the Pulpit got a wash of Tamiya Dark Yellow wash to tone down the brightness, as well as some suitable graffiti. I held off on graffiti for the Chapel because even the most hardcore Redemptionist would defile holy ground!

The classic Necromunda towers. Probably the least changed of all the pieces here, since they were the first custom pieces I had ever made. Not bad for being 10 years old, right? Mostly just some washes, chipping, and jewel effects for buttons and screens.

Lastly, the "Blue" Tower - with the color scheme, this structure does stand out and I really wanted it to. It being tall, blue, and yellow; I wanted to give the impression that maybe...just maybe, the Redemption had taken in the wrong town. After all, who dwells at the top? And in what ways will he change it? Really the only thing new here was the addition of the crane and ladder to make it more accessible during play.

And, here's the finished settlement of Royston Vasey. You'll never leave!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

No One Expects The Emperor's Holy Inquisition

Tremble before the fires of vengeance, all ye heretics, for an agent of the Emperor's Holy Ordos reveals himself!

One of my resolutions for the new year was to start setting aside 4-6 figures every month to work on. I have a fairly sizable backlog of unpainted or partially completed figures and models sitting in boxes and it seems like such a waste to buy more when they remain unfinished. I'm going to attempt to do this in addition to other projects that I'm working on, as I think that about 5 miniatures every month should have me completing most of the backlog before 2019. So, back in December, I dug through the lead pile and pulled this Ordos Hereticus team together - the Ratling was new, the familiar, redemptor, and sage had been stripped, and the Inquisitor I had painted about 8 years ago and never really liked how he turned out. Once completed, I mounted them on custom bases and here they are!

Inquisitor Alfonse Wojnik - Not much is known of Wojnik's life before he was taken into the Schola after being found as an orphan in the Underhive of one of the lesser hives on Necromunda. It became apparent earlier on, however, that the young man had an aptitude for rooting out possible corruption amongst his peers and even Schola staff members - incidents which led to his quiet disappearance. He would return to his homeworld decades later, inveigling himself in Hive Primus' Arbites garrison, from which he continues to perform the holiest of the Emperor's work.

Jonas, Redemptor Deacon - Much to the Arbites' consternation, Wojnik decided upon including a full-fledged Deacon of the Redemption Cult in his strike team. Unlike his brethren however, Jonas has some level of self control over his violent zealotry. His customized flamer rig - said to be styled on that of Klovis the Redeemer - has proven a valuable asset when dealing with large mobs of heretics and mutants. 

Index Prohibitorum & Familiar - Wherever Wojnik goes, this secretive red book accompanies him. Exactly what knowledge it holds is unknown, though the Inquisitor seems to gain some innate knowledge of the enemies he is currently facing from it. How this is possible is also unknown. The familiar who carries it is unnamed and, though it never speaks, is rumored to whisper in Wojnik's ear when things seem most dire.

Martus Palimp, Sage - Formerly a scrivener for House Ulanti, Martus has recently found his way into the Inquisitor's employ due to his cybernetic cortex, capable of enhanced his cognitive abilities seven-fold. Though powerless to do anything, Ulanti claims that he is their property and was stolen from them. Though he often finds himself in mortal danger, Martus prefers the company of Wojnik to that of his former employers.

Hamish, Ratling Sniper - The only member of the team not from Necromunda, Hamish was originally a sniper in an Armageddon Guard regiment. Familiar with hive architecture and combat conditions, Wojnik has found his skills invaluable, especially in the confined passages of the Underhive. In addition to his martial prowess, Hamish is also a good cook and tends to have food on his person at all times - something the team has appreciated while out in the field.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ork Shantytown: Completed Shanties

In addition to the alien foliage I completed back in November, I also finished up these Orky shanties for the Ork Shantytown table for Adepticon 2018. Many of you would ask - "how do Orks get into the Hive?" - and the answer would be doz sneakee Kommando gitz who need a base of Orkerations. They're Boyz N Da Hive.

Like the foliage, these are all based on old CDs, consisting of poster foamboard and cardboard superstructures wrapped in cereal box cardboard "skrap armor" panels. The metal roofs are corrugated cardboard (the smallest corrugation, called "E type") and the platform roofs are thick plasticard. The doors, windows, and glyphs are all resin casts, made from masters that I assembled with plasticard. Random other gubbinz are sourced from a variety of different plastic models including a Space Marine missile rack, Tau railgun, 1/56 scale panzer turret, Dust tactics figure base, and Syberclicks tanks.

These are painted using a variety of craft paints - some brushed on and some airbrushed on. The "dusty" weathering effect on horizontal surfaces was achieved by "scrubbing" the surface with a very drybrush of the base colors. Rusty and metallic chipping was achieved with a sponge. Weathering was done using Vallejo European Dirt wash, which does a good job of providing a quick and dirty look, while also toning down the very bright colors.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Commission Work: "Innocence Lost" Hitlerjugend

I was commissioned by a new client to convert and paint a unique platoon of Hitler Youth for Flames of War. The client requested an "innocence lost" theme by adding childish elements and intermixing female BDM (though dressed in the same Luftwaffe coveralls) into the unit. As such, I sculpted on longer hair to about 25% of the figures to represent the female BDM figures and sculpted on knit scarves, a teddy bear, and a slingshot. I also added a large German Shepherd from the US Marine Dog Team. To instill them with fascist fervor, I added a large Hitlerjugend flag bearer and bugler alongside the adult HJ officer.

The "winter coveralls" were done per the FOW website - Luftwaffe Blue/Black 50/50 mix for the basecoat, Luftwaffe Blue for highlights, and Secret Weapon Soft Body Black Wash. Many of the figures wear the standard HJ tunic over their coveralls and this was done with Reaper Amber Gold basecoat, Amber Gold/Golden Blonde midtone, and pure Reaper Golden Blonde highlight washed with Secret Weapon Sepia wash. The leather for belts and boots are Reaper Basic Dirt basecoat, Burnt Umber highlight, and washed with Secret Weapon Soft Body Black Wash. The HJ Officers wore a slightly different uniform from the boys consisting of a darker tunic, jodhpur-style pants, and jackboots. The dog was painted using a variety of tans, browns, and orange-browns wet-blended.

As the client did not ask for basework, the bases are left plain.